Calabrese video for “The Graves,” opening this weekend

This is horror punks Calabrese’s video for the film “The Graves” opening this weekend as part of the 8 Films to Die For series. The film and the video are directed by Brian Pulido. Check it out:

And if you love the brothers Calabrese
(and how can you not?) they are pre-ordering for their new album, “Calabrese III: They Call Us Death.” The pre-order includes a set of about the coolest postcards of the guys I have ever seen.

JimmyRM BobbyRM DaveyRM 

These are only available as pre-order! And the guys are getting ready to come cross country, where they are even making a stop here in Detroit at Small’s in Hamtramck, March 30. Seriously, this is a must see show and a rare appearance in these parts. Come out and support them so they keep coming back! And preorder the album:


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