‘Grimm’: Q & A with Silas Weir Mitchell

Grimm” has been the surprise hit of the new season for the network, and despite a somewhat challenging Friday night timeslot, the show has been steadily gaining a loyal following, with signs of achieving cult favorite status. With a lead like David Giuntoli, it’s easy to understand a certain aspect to the fan base — the ladies — but if you ask fans of the show why they love it, you get some variation of the same answer again and again:

“I love Monroe!”

Fans are singing the praises of Giuntoli’s sidekick on the series, played by actor Silas Weir Mitchell. If, for some foolish reason, you haven’t tuned into the show yet, the premise is Giuntoli plays a detective who has just discovered he’s a descendant of the Grimms — the legendary folks who penned all those tales as warnings about the beasts they hunted down and killed. Monroe belongs to one species of those monsters and is a “Blutbad” (German for “blood bath”) — a modern day version of the big bad wolf, or a werewolf, if you will.

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‘The Voice’: Team Cee Lo’s Juliet Simms says early idol was Christina Aguilera

When Juliet Simms auditioned for “The Voice,” she really didn’t go in with any preconceived notion of what coach she might pick, unlike many contestants. Having said that, it did seem almost a given that if one coach turned around, Simms’ choice would be easy. When the singer was 13, she had one singing idol — Christina Aguilera.

Simms’ audition turned the chairs of Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine, and she picked … Green.

(Insert sound of needle scraping across record here.)

“Any one of them, you’re not going to lose … because they’re all fantastic coaches. But I turned down my freakin’ childhood idol. If my 13-14 year old self saw what I did, she’d be kicking my ass,” Simms laughs. “She would just being going crazy on me, but I just went with my gut.”

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Interview with ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ bachelorette Paige Duke

On current episodes of CMT’s “Sweet Home Alabama,” Paige Duke may be still looking for her Prince Charming, but the show has long wrapped and life has gone on for the girl from South Carolina. She’s still working at Kruger Farms, she’s still a vet tech and … she’s still together with the man she chose at the end of filming.

In other words, we may not know exactly how this fairytale ends, but we know that, at least so far, it has a happy ending.

Duke took a few minutes out of her busy schedule to dish on this season of “Sweet Home Alabama” as it’s unfolding for the first time for her eyes, as well as ours. Which is a bit odd, even for a veteran of the series.

“I’m seeing them as y’all are seeing them,” says Duke. “I kind of know what each episode consists of, but sometimes I don’t even actually remember things till I see the little trailer on the ‘Sweet Home Alabama’ Facebook page … I never know how it’s going to be put together and what they’re going to show and what they’re going to take out, so it’s always just as fun for me as everybody else, even though I know what’s going to happen.

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‘Grimm’: Exclusive interview with Russell Hornsby

Not only has “Grimm” been a surprise success for NBC, but even a bit of a surprise for the stars of the show itself. Despite a former starring role on the TV series “Lincoln Heights,” Russell Hornsby’s new gig playing detective Hank Griffin may not be the lead, per se, but has brought him much more recognition than any other credit to his name thus far.

“I think any time you are on a network show, you are going from maybe half a million viewers to five to six million viewers a week. So it’s a numbers game.

“I also think that for the longest time I was a face that people recognized, but they couldn’t put the face with the name. I think now they have been able to put both of them together, and so now I see people and they say, ‘Hey Russell, how’s it going … love Hank … love Lincoln Heights.’ Before it was like “Hey, you’re an actor, right … I know you are on something … tell me what you’ve done.’

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Show Recaps

‘The Voice’ auditions continue and coaches perform a Prince medley

Starting the second episode of NBC‘s “The Voice” with a Prince medley by the coaches — the most bizarre quartet ever — was nothing short of genius. Blake Shelton putting a country spin on “Kiss” was bizarrely satisfying and featuring super-suave Cee Lo Green on “Little Red Corvette” was perfect for the “Red Zone” coach.
But the most obvious winner in that choice was Adam Levine, whom one could argue is sort of the white Prince. Think about it — he may try to pass himself off in Maroon 5 videos as some badass with exploding cars and his rather notorious reputation with the ladies, but the macho man thing sort of falls to pieces with that girly voice. But like The One in Purple, chicks dig him anyway, and he has Prince’s falsetto swagger in spades. But unlike Prince, he doesn’t have to wear platform shoes. And he shops in the men’s department.

Anyway, let’s talk auditions for episode 2. We started off with a male/female duo called The Line singing “American Girl.” Shelton was wanting them, in the worst way. But all four coaches turned their chairs, and so the mud-slinging at the playground began.

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‘Celebrity Apprentice’: The mouth gets medieval on the mafia

The premiere may have been somewhat civilized with everyone being on their best behavior, but on the Feb. 26 episode of “The Celebrity Apprentice,” the claws came out on both sides, with both team leaders getting on the bad side of the last people they should be making enemies with.

The teams, lead by Penn Jillette and Lisa Lampanelli, had to produce a medieval-themed show that the audience would vote on for best performance. The men of Team Unanimous managed to keep things pretty peaceful preapring their jousting battle and were full of support for each other and their team leader in the boardroom.

Or they were until Donald Trump stirred the pot, insisting that Jillette name who he would bring back to the boardroom with him if they lost. Forced to throw a couple of guys under the bus, Jillette named actors George Takei and Lou Ferrigno.

Dude, that’s the Incredible Hulk you just made angry … very angry. And you won’t like him when he’s angry.

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‘Grimm’: The lord of the three coins

Grimm” episode 113, “Three Coins in a Fuchsbau,” wove their fictionalized folklore and real history together in their most complex plotline yet, with some key back story for Nick Burkhardt (David Giuntoli.) They also gave us plenty of loose ends in the March 2 episode, so it’s a fair guess we haven’t heard the last of the Aunt Marie’s old flame (Titus Welliver.)

Presuming, of course, he really is who he says he is.

Three Wesen conspire to rob a jeweler of some rare coins — three very specific rare coins, to be precise. These three coins seem to be related to Tolkien’s notorious ring, as they have a way of seducing the beholder, or the holder as it were, and giving them great influence over other people.

The coins the robbers are looking for aren’t in their spoils, and we later learn the jeweler swallowed them before his demise to hide them. Two robbers end up dead, and the third gets away after a mysterious stranger arrives, Farley Kolt (Welliver.)

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‘Shameless’ May Be the Best Show You Aren’t Watching

While Macy’s brilliance comes as no surprise, Rossum is the scene stealer of this show, and her lack of an Emmy nomination for its first season is downright criminal. Rossum plays Fiona, the eldest daughter who took over the role of mom to the five other kids and her father when their mother abandoned the family when she was 14. She’s tough, she’s dirty, she’s funny, she’s vulnerable and she’s the glue that keeps this family together. This is a role most actresses only dream of, and Rossum runs the full gamut of emotions in each episode. Most of it, I might add, with little makeup and hair styling, yet she and her performances are mesmerizing.

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